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Robinson Crusoe, Defoe Daniel
Billy and the Minpins, Dahl Roald

2019 celebrates the 300th anniversary of the story of Robinson Crusoe - one of the most famous adventures of all time - with a brand new introduction from ... więcej

A BRAND-NEW EDITION, ILLUSTRATED IN GLORIOUS FULL COLOUR BY QUENTIN BLAKE FOR THE FIRST TIME. Billy's mum says he must never go out through the garden ... więcej

Roald Dahls Creative writing with Charlie and the chocolate factory,
Roald Dahls Creative Writing with Matilda, Dahl Roald

"Invent terrific heroes and revolting villains to star in your story! Describe believable characters with Charlie and Mr Wonka. These fun activities and ... więcej

"Create wonderful dialogue to give your characters a voice! Write conversations and reported speech with Matilda. These fun activities and writing tasks ... więcej

Roald Dahls Creative Writing with The BFG How to Write Splendid Settings,
The Extraordinary Life of Malala Yousafzai, Khan Hiba Noor

"Bring your story alive in a whoppsy setting! Explore adjectives, imagery, similes and more with the BFG. These fun activities and writing tasks help ... więcej

"Malala Yousafzai is known across the world for having the courage to stand up for what she believes in, even in the face of terrifying adversity. From ... więcej

Peter Rabbit 123,
Peter Rabbit 123
27,00 zł 24,80 zł
Samis Silver Lining, Cassidy Cathy

"One Peter Rabbit . . . Two bad mice . . . Three naughty kittens . . . This whimsical board book takes you gently through the numbers from 1 to 10 and ... więcej

"The must-have second book in the brilliant Lost and Found series from Cathy Cassidy, bestselling author of the Chocolate Box Girls. Forced to flee his ... więcej

Roald Dahls Matildas How to be a Genius, Dahl Roald
Charlie Changes Into a Chicken, Copeland Sam

"MATILDA WORMWOOD is a genius - her brain fizzes and bubbles with brilliance. She outwits her gruesome parents, and even her terrifying head teacher, the ... więcej

"Charlie McGuffin has an incredible secret... He can change into animals. All sorts of animals, in fact: a flea, a pigeon, even a rhino. Trouble is, ... więcej

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